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These testimonials help to tell our story:

Anastasia is a creative genius when it comes to fitting a client’s needs with the desired outcome. Her work is top-notch and she’s one of the nicest individuals you could imagine!

— Terry Poulos (President/Founder) The $ports Index


Precision Instruments, Inc., has been using Anastasia  [Insight Design Solutions] since 2002. Her expertise has aided our brand with exceptional sales and marketing material. Catalog, sale sheets, product literature, and most recently online digital content. We aim to present our brand as high end, American made, hand crafted tools. Anastasia has done so for over a decade and a half now. And since then our sales have more than tripled.

Anastasia is a very detailed oriented person. Often, advertisements and product literature can become messy and disorganized when composed incorrectly. The layouts of Anastasia’s are neat, clean, and natural for the eye to look at and the copy is presented as to not make it messy.

Good marketing material that represent your brand and product is a necessity. The ROI from Anastasia is nearly immeasurable. We could not be in the market position we are without her. Besides all this, she is just a wonderful person to work with.

— Andrew Larson (Vice President) Precision Instruments


When asked, “What do you believe are IDS’s strength’s?” Carolyn replied, “IDS is just knowledgeable. They listen to what you want but suggest what you need. For example, they speak up, are honest and will tell you if a design is not working or if a color doesn’t work for a particular brand. IDS also has wonderful print knowledge. In my experience with IDS, they have always designed with budget in mind, too. They make recommendations that appeal to my aesthetic needs but also my financial needs as well.

— Carolyn, MotionTemps (Marketing & Public Relations)


I am getting glowing compliments that are very sincere.  Comments like, ‘how it matches my image (from people I don’t know and those I do)’ and…how the card stands out.

— Jane, Corporate Strategic Resourcing


I have very much appreciated your beautiful talent and kindness in creating all of our professional designs for the ISID website, brochure, postcard, stationery and ID name badges. You created a professional, beautiful, consistent design for ISID that we are all so proud of.

— Pat, Illinois Society for International Development


… you met with our client and justified confidence that they would be satisfied. You are one of a very short list…who is willing to think a project through from start to finish!

— Larry, Allegra Print & Imaging


Anastasia has surpassed all expectations I had for her work as the Art Director of TPI’s Turf News magazine and Business Management newsletter. Not only does she consistently produce dazzling pieces, she provides stewardship of the materials during the production process. She has never failed to go above-and-beyond the call to ensure that materials are prepared and distributed in a timely manner. I highly recommend her and the work that she does.

— Melanie Stanton (Director) Turf Producers Intl.


Anastasia is very professional and is good at what she does. You will not be disappointed with the results.

— Luis Cruz, Cruz Financial Group


There’s a reason that the word “Insight” appears in the name of Anastasia’s company. She is probably the most insightful design partner you’ll ever meet. She has created a brand for herself that accurately and creatively reflects what her business can do for you – provide an outstanding, insightful solution to your branding “problem.”

— Doug Picirillo

I regret that I can only choose three top attributes, but the bottom line is that Anastasia delivers great results. Her work reflects her dedication, creativity and of course, her Insight. I have worked with Anastasia since 2006, and in that time she has proven that getting results for her customer is her primary concern. From beginning to end, Anastasia uncovers and considers every alternative so that she can provide her customers with outstanding results. The extra effort she puts forth on the front end ensures that each job will be completed on time and within budget. Her attention to detail and eye for beauty helps her create some of the most visually stimulating artwork. It has been a true pleasure to be associated with Anastasia. I highly recommend Insight Design Solutions for your graphic design, web development and other marketing needs.

— Will Stanke (Account Manager) Genesis Printing


Anastasia did terrific work for Sherwood Group clients and she was a pleasure to work with. Her designs were fresh, elegant, relevant and kept within tight budget and time constraints.

— Greg Schultz, The Sherwood Group (now Kellen)


I so enjoyed working with Anastasia. She was always exceptionally thoughtful in her design process and supremely flexible with the many variables that came into play with our staff and clients.

— Joyce Paschall, The Sherwood Group (now Kellen)