precision instruments

Precision Instruments

We have been fortunate to serve Precision Instruments since 2002! We have supported their exponential growth throughout the years with logo and branding, advertising, package design, meticulous tool illustrations, photography, photography direction, catalogs, sell sheets, trade show marketing and so much more.

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Advertisements and sell sheets feature custom photography:


Ads utilizing Precision’s original Torkey illustrations:


Custom illustration and packaging:

Collateral (logo, sell sheets, business card, stationery)

Precision Instruments creates the most beautiful and accurate wrenches available. They also create the tools used to create the wrenches that are then sold to mechanics and tool manufacturers like Snap On© Tools and high-end manufacturing plants, such as Boeing©.

Precision is the first tool manufacturer to create wrenches and market them as the elite products they are. With this strategy we quickly separated them from every other tool maker. Because Precision Instruments opened its doors so many years ago, we were even able to play a bit (whilst honoring) it’s earliest illustration, “Torkey.”

“Care,” is a word used several times a day at Precision. From its owners, who believe in and care about their crews, to the point where they often employ several members from one family and even are known to ask if their work family would enjoy being in the advertising spotlight now and again. (See the blue ads with signatures.) We at Insight Design Solutions treat our clients well, as our core values signify. When we have the opportunity to serve clients like Precision Instruments, loyalty is not something we take lightly nor have to work very hard at. It is a true privilege serving people with such high integrity!