applied branding

Inside “applied branding,” you’ll find sets of projects we’ve created that assume their own space as part of the brand family for each company. A logo is not a brand, it’s simply a starting point. So just as in a real family, the logo might akin to the surname, it integrates all of the members of the family, but each member is still their own person. Just as each project is different but assumes similar traits.

Please click on the icons below to view the respective branded families:

75 Years Celebration Emblem

FONA Brand Standards Booklet


This is a custom illustration from our extremely talented, Paul Dolan. This works in tandem with the script text, “Born Free,” to create the logo.

Self Promotion Kit — 120LB Classic Linen Folder with inside pocket to hold attorney bios and half moon business card slits and silver foil embossed title

Gourmet by Greta is a brand we created for Wet Nose for their gourmet doggie cakes. The creative brief we made together decided on a playful yet elegant approach.