I’m sure you’ve heard it before: let the professionals do their intended jobs. I’m here to reiterate it, lest anyone has forgotten. I trust my doctor will do her part to help keep me healthy. I trust my plumber to keep the pipes from freezing. I trust my mechanic to keep my car on the road. Seeing a pattern?

I understand that in this over-worked, knowledge-at-our-fingertips world we live in, it is not just easy, but inviting, to learn, learn, learn that which we don’t already know. I can talk — I’m a Google© fanatic. All of that is wonderful and I say, keep learning…however, keep trusting as well.

The baby blue skies in this scenario darken when you learn a little, about a lot, and then assert it as your own knowledge in order to tell me {us} how to do my {our} job. I think you know where this is headed — if you hire me to design, let me help you. You’re paying me and I want you to get your money’s worth.

Now, it’s important to know that in this article, I am making a distinction between designing and briefing. I want to know all that you want to share about your business! I want to know what makes yours different from your competition. Tell me everything. But please stop when you get the urge to tell me what font to use, how much kerning to do and whether to use an ellipsis or an em-dash. There are exceptions to everything and I get that, trust me, we can find common ground.

I know your business is your baby and it should be. You know how your business works and what it needs. But you might find that when you do less talking, it will afford your business’s design to start speaking for itself.

April 4, 2014

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